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The Premonition

What Is the Premonition?

The Premonition is the most famous muskie hunting vessel on Lake St. Clair! There are boats and then there is the Premonition.

Hand picked by Captain Chuck, the Premonition was born to find fame in fishing circles for it’s remarkable performance. The vessel is a 31′ Bertram, DNR approved, and known for her fishing abilities worldwide. She has an upper and lower helm, private head, live wells, and a roomy cockpit & plenty of cabin area in case of foul weather. With all of this and more, you’ll cruise through your muskie fishing charter in comfort and style!

The Premonition is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including:

  • Ratheon Radar
  • Ratheon Fish Finder
  • 3 Hummingbird Fish Finders: GPS, downscan, size scan
  • 2 VHF Radios
  • Auto Pilot
  • State of the art fishing equipment


Spacious Deck

Spacious Deck

You’ll appreciate the roomy desk – especially when things get “busy” with your giant muskie catch! Why would you settle for anything less on your charter?

Top to Bottom

The tall bridge gives a superior view for spotting that trophy musky.

Low Deck Access

Low Deck Access

For a large vessel, the Premonition allows close access to the water from the deck. That makes it a whole lot easier to haul a 40-50 lb. musky on board.

Warm & Dry

If the weather is wet, you can stay dry within the huge cabin.

Twin Power

Twin engine powerplant delivers 650hp to the props. You’ll get to the fishing faster and back home reliably.


Pulling in a monster muskie might leave you in need of a rest. The Premonition affords you that space for rest and relaxation.

The Premonition Awaits

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